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October 23rd, 2010

photography lesson #47


attention etsy sellers! if you have a neato black-light reactive product, and you wish to show how awesome it looks in blacklight, please set the item on a stable surface and use a tripod for your camera (or set it on a likewise stable surface and use the timer feature.) blurry photos don't sell items, even really neato items.

October 12th, 2010



i don't usually watch the abc show castle. according to everyone who watches it, i really need to. i probably do.

well, this week, the episode centers around the steampunk subculture. i need to watch it for two reasons - 1. it's steampunk and b. i'd like to see if it's possible for a mainstream show to depict a subculture in an accurate and respectful way. if it is, csi has even less excuse for that piece of crap episode last thursday.

so, the episode starts with castle making breakfast. a graham cracker, chocolate bar and six marshmallows inside an omlette - it's a smorelette!

*turns green*

October 2nd, 2010

my mother, the comedian :D


i'm kniting a few scarves for charity. the first two were in plain-colored wool. this third one, though, is a little crazy. :D i got some clearance novelty yarn from work - it's a cotton boucle strand plied with a shiny strand with little flags every few inches. very fittingly, it's called tutu. :D

mom picked up the scarf. it's an odd shape, and only a few inches long, so it's not really obvious what it is.
"um.... what's this?"
"it's a scarf i'm knitting."
"i hope it's not for a friend!"

September 27th, 2010

today's adventure


hey! i can see my house from here!

September 19th, 2010

i finally gave in...


and joined ravelry. i'm alligatorjuice. if you're on there, please add me. :D



one by one, the arcane secrets of microwave cookery will be mine.

tonight i had rainbow farfalle (bow tie pasta) with broccoli in a lovely garlic cheese sauce. very very tasty.




happy talk like a pirate day, everyone! :D

August 1st, 2010

it's a preview for a documentary on dragon*con. squee! and i'm in it! um... for about three seconds, and you can only see my back, and you won't see me unless you're looking for me, and even then, you may not see me. :D look for me in the bit where they're talking about steampunk, and remember i'm in the back of the shot. :D

this documentary will air on pbs in atlanta in late august, and will then be offered to other pbs stations after that. i've already emailed my local pbs station and asked them if they'll carry it. :D


April 27th, 2010

g-ma update


so grandma is responsive today. and after ruling out stroke and other scary things, the doctors have determined that the problem is most likely pneumonia. not that pneumonia isn't scary. but she was sitting up in a chair and talking this evening. :)

her dentures, however, are m.i.a.

i looked in her room. they're not by her bed. they're not in the bathroom. when she was admitted, she didn't arrive on the floor with them. so they got lost somewhere in the middle. i've made half a dozen phone calls trying to track them down. and i think you all know how i feel about making phone calls... :) i have enough people looking for those dentures, that they have to show up eventually.

since she had no dentures, all her food for dinner was pureed. :P i took one look at it and knew it would be trouble. her dinner just had that evil look about it. :D so, i took off to find my own dinner. when i came back, the nurse was in the room changing my grandma's hospital gown. ha! i was right! that pureed meatloaf was nothing but trouble! :D

so, that's all for now. more grandma (and denture) updates to follow.

April 26th, 2010

randomy stuff


i went to toracon this weekend. i'll have to post about it later. lolidolly  rocks so seriously hardcore that i might have to tell her how awesome she is every time i see her for the next six months. :) i think i'll need some new words for 'awesome.'

my coworker wrote on my hand with a metallic paint marker this afternoon. it's not coming off, and i've washed my hands a few times since then... oh my... :D

mixed berry pocky is the second best pocky ever. giant pocky is good, but the frosting to cookie ratio seems a bit off.

i keep having ideas for dragon*con costumes, but i have yet to do anything about any of them. and it's not a costume, but i really want to make a loli dress out of this fabric. however, my sewing machine isn't working right now. if anyone has any spare initiative laying around, i could use some right now. :) sadly, it'll probably be like last year, where i didn't get any sort of costuming motivation until mid-june. and then i hand-sewed everything. aack.

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